Managing Processes

You want fast processes with low costs. You want to respond immediately with process improvements if your customer demand and needs change. And you want to react faster than your competitors.
You want software that works for you, not against you. And you might want ISO certification.

To achieve this it is crucial that you Understand - Accelerate - Manage your processes.
Our products ProDoc, ProAnalyse, ProOptimise and ProPerformance help you to do so.

Business Process Management - Approach Overview

Different workflows, IT-Systems, regulations... - this makes your company complex. Even though each employee knows what he has to do - who maintains the overview? Who understands the complex integration, how the employees interact, how the workflows are connected and how the IT-systems are supporting your work - spanning several departments?

We help you to understand these complex relationships. We document and analyse the processes with ProDoc and ProAnalyse.
Increase transparency in your company and document the integrated interaction. You understand where and why you are efficient. And you understand where and why you can still improve.

Use this deep understanding to accelerate and manage your business: With ProOptimise and ProPerformance your tasks get streamlined, process times accelerated, quality raised. You have all your KPI's (key performance indicators) at your fingertips. You control and secure the improvements. For every relevant process. Anytime, anywhere.

Hoffrichter Consulting is partner of IDS Prof. Scheer and uses ARIS Toolset for process modeling, analysis and performance management. With over 40.000 licences sold ARIS is the best selling tool for process modeling and management worldwide.

Efficiency. The smooth way.

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