ProPerformance - manage process performance

Your ProPerformance value

Using the Process Performance Manager as a early-warning system you save money and time. You are able to recognise and solve problems at source - before they actually pose a major threat to your business.
The performance of your process becomes transparent. Improvements and efficiency can be proven - the ROI (Return on Investment) of process redesigns is measured. This applies to IT-Projects too - you can accurately measure if the new IT-Solution improves your efficiency.

ProPerformance enables management with performance indicators.
The success of every company depends on a few core processes, or more specifically, on their performance. Therefore the vision and the goals of the company should be broken down into simple process indicators (numbers). A car supplier might want to know: "How many cars did we build today and was the average time OK?" ProPerformance uses the business data (it can even extract it from existing computer systems like SAP) and prepares it as performance indicators - on a daily basis, if necessary.

Management and employees use the indicators

Most companies do not know their process performance indicators at all or generate them only a few times per year (eg. quarterly reports). This is not enough - trends are often only visible after the damage already occured. They can only re-act. Money, time and even customers are at stake or already lost.

Why monitor your processes with ProPerformance?

Monitoring KPI's: You know exactly how every success critical process is performing.
Any time-any place: The KPI's are available and up to date - wherever and whenever you need them, without any hassle.
Planning support: The current stage of business development is clearly visible and can be used to check the next planning steps.
Pro-active management: Dangerous developments and deviations from the plan are recognised at an early stage. Correcting measures can be implemented before the situation escalates.

Your results - What you get from ProPerformance

Every department and every level of the company benefits from ProPerformance: you are in a better position to plan, measure and actively manage their daily work. Examples range from general efficiency monitoring to specific tasks like

Efficiency. The smooth way.

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