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Welcome to our site for outstanding candidates considering a career with Hoffrichter Consulting. We provide opportunities for experienced industry professionals, consultants and excellent university graduates. In our projects you will apply both your analytical and creative skills to deliver solutions to clients.

Process consulting provides challenging and rewarding work for you - with difficult problems where answers aren't always obvious. You will work hard but you will also learn a lot, gain experience and grow rapidly. As a consultant you will enjoy working in joint consultant / client teams, including economists, managers, engineers and financial staff. Each project varies considerably and you will continually face new environments and challenges.

To meet our client and project needs we look for a broad intellectual and cultural diversity in our consultants.

Below you find a list of skills needed in our working environment. Don't hesitate to contact us even if you don't see yourself in this picture yet - what is important is the desire to develop these skills. We will help you to get there - to solve the clients issues and to achieve your personal goals.

Be prepared - to grow with us

Currently we invite candidates considering the following positions:

Standard Skill Set for all positions:

This standard set of skills is needed by any kind of consultant, whether consulting in Business Process Optimization / Management or IT projects (software / hardware).

Soft Skills Technical Skills
Curiosity/listening Expressive (both verbal and written)
Patience Good English
Broad focus Interview/workshop skills
Efficiency Presentation skills
Quick learner, quick grasp Analytical skills
Very good communicative skills Project Management skills
Facilitation Change Management skills
Motivation and motivated MS Office products
Confident appearance

Special skill set for Process Management Consultants:

Special skill set for IT Consultants:

We look forward to hear from you, find out more about you and answer your questions about the positions or skills. Our team and our clients are waiting for you.

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