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Your whole workstream - from processes to IT and organization structure - is reorganised to increase value creation: Lean, fast and efficient. You save costs and improve the quality of services and products.

ProOptimise accelerates your business.
Understanding the problems is a major step (see ProAnalyse). The challenge is now to eliminate them. The team - employees and consultants together - will redesign and implement the processes. This collaborative approach ensures acceptance even for deep changes. May it be just a partial processes optimisation or full business process improvement - outdated practices and unnecessary activities will be successfully accelerated.

With a strong focus on the KPI's (key performance indicators) the business is streamlined and efficiency increased.

Why improve with ProOptimise?

Lean Processes: Focus on the customer, purify, reduce what's not essential, concentrate on value creating tasks.
Efficiency: Deliver the value faster, with less effort.
IT-Integration: Integrate IT into the processes. IT should make the work easier and support the value chain - not the opposite.
Collaboration: Reposition departments, simplify the value chain. Increase cooperation between departments, ensure that everyone is focussed on the customer. Department goals should be aligned to this and may have to come second.
Proactive planning & management: By establishing transparency and KPI's you take the driver's seat: ready to plan, control and actively steer your processes - because you know what happens, before it is too late to act.

Your results - What you get from ProOptimise

With ProOptimise you receive

Efficiency. The smooth way.

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Process Optimisation - Business process improvement (BPR & BPI) for lean processes, increased efficiency and better IT integration.