ProIT - build software projects on processes

Your ProIT value

Your project is professionally prepared and planned with a thorough documentation and analysis of the concerned processes. Consequently you avoid re-implementations, changing requirements, miscommunication and lack of user acceptance. You save time and money as the IT implementation is delivered smoothly, on time, on budget, and with the full support of your employees.

ProIT ensures that your software is serving your processes.
Develop the IT solution that you need - to meet your requirements, supporting your actual processes, without costly and timely re-implementations and changes.

Substantial IT-implementations are amongst the most complicated projects a company can undertake. They can boost efficiency, help access new customers and multiply business opportunities, but they can also ruin a company - by sinking millions into under-performing monsters that nobody wants to use.
Why do so many IT solutions not match user's needs? One reason is that software developer and employee speak a different language, which leads to misunderstandings, incorrect software requirements and too few / many features. The software will not be used and the invested money is lost. For many years this was a common situation in western companies and it is important that Asian companies do not repeat this history.

One of the lessons western companies had to learn is that processes are the language that both sides speak and understand - the software developer as well as the user. And even more important, every good software must achieve one particular goal: it must focus 100% on the employees and their way of working - and that means to focus 100% on the processes (as they represent exactly "who" is doing "what", in an easy-to-read documentation).
Consequently the processes became a crucial part of software projects.
This is most obvious in ERP projects (Enterprise Ressource Planning - for example SAP or Navision) where processes take the center stage right from the start: processes are documented, analyzed and optimised in advance. They are then compared with the designed processes in the ERP software. If necessary a Change Management project is initiated to customise the processes (either in the company or in the software).
With ProIT all steps are essentially focused on processes, to ensure that the company works with the software - and not in conflict with it.

Why implement Software with ProIT ?

Accurate requirements: The requirements reflect exactly what the company needs - comprehensive, thorough and understandable. As a result the software will provide all the features to fulfill the company's mission.
Efficient communication: No strange technology talk - the requirements are based on graphic process descriptions so IT specialists and normal employees (users) can both understand and discuss them easily.
Successful implementation: Efficient communication and accurate requirements are crucial to avoid misunderstandings, re-implementations and amendments. ProIT ensures successful development and implementation of software.

Your results - What you get from ProIT

ProIT delivers your software project, from concept to go-live - based upon your processes and customised as necessary. You receive

Efficiency. The smooth way.

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