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GOYP goes 80s! It's Nena! It's the MOONWALK! Let's meet at Glow and overact again - the hair, the colors, the silly outfits. Swing back into this freaky mood, when tasteless dresses and strange dance styles went so well together. Anyone in for a break dance? OK, dig up this shades of yours - Yes, it's the 80's again and it's Disco time! And yes: we will also have delicious snacks again.

OK, it's not the classic networking event this time. But what the heck - we have the DJ, the location and we might even get tequila slammers for all.

19th June , 19.00 onwards
Glow Nightclub & Bar at BTS Asok (map)
Confirm & register here!

Yuppies all around, shoulder-long curly hair, huge sunglasses, mobiles like brickstones, flashy skirts, Madonna singing "material girl" ... get ready and be part of it!

Schimanski's Jackentasche
Spring rolls with plum sauce
Quesadillas with sour cream
Calamari with tartare sauce
Onion rings
Garlic bread
Selection of fried sausages
Chicken Satay
Drinks: very fair deal, as usual

You might have noticed: We have a new domain As a serious sign of getting more mature we decided to relaunch our website. Not yet, but get ready for the unexpected: You will be able to talk about yourself (don't you just love that? We certainly do), to connect with others, to share ideas, to network for business, to date for fun, to learn and to fool around. Could it get any better? Yes it could! That's why we will need your input. Stay tuned and get ready for more!

And what's left? Ah, right, pictures - yup, they're online, all the way through until February. Check if you are on it ;-).

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The German Open (young professionals) - Who or what is this?

We have been glad to see more and more young German professionals participating in networking events (though "young" probably means not entirely THAT young...). We enjoyed the conversation, private as well as business related, with a somewhat German leaning - without slipping into a German balderdash or drowning in a stack of beer mugs.
Most of the German attendees where in their twenties to forties, work and live in BKK / Thailand, some as students, some in management positions. It's probably the mutual cultural background that sometimes makes it a bit easier and funnier to share business related experiences like Thai-German employee management or even just simple everyday life stories.

As time went by, we thought it might be nice to meet in a more focussed way, targeting the German community without (always) relying on other occasions like the Young Professional Committee of the AmCham.

Even though this event is targeted mainly at Germans in their twenties & thirties & fourties - it is actually a general invitation to anyone who feels loosely covered by this description or anyone who would like to use this opportunity for networking. All nationals are equally invited and many conversations are in English anyway ... so just drop by or / and forward the mail to anyone whom you think might be interested.

Overall your feedback led us to the following frame:

Our sponsorship policy:
Very few of our events are sponsored. Of course the sponsors expect something in return to promote their business. They receive name and e-mail from attendees of "their" event (and nothing else). Normal events with reduced prices DO NOT count as sponsored - therefor nobody receives any names or addresses. We explicitely disapprove any spamming - Experience has shown that this leads to rejection. Though a "Thank you" mail and occasional promotions seem to be more appropriate and accepted.

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The German Open (young professionals) is an open networking event for approachable, open minded Germans and other nationals in Bangkok, Thailand.