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Your ProAnalyse value:

Your processes get "x-rayed" - the roots of your problems and successes will be at your command. You will be able take over control and (re)direct your processes - save time & money, increase the quality. ProAnalyse gives you all the information it takes to set the direction.

ProAnalyse is about understanding.
A thorough analysis of company processes reveals the future potential. Some processes are already very good, others are not running well - in each case you want to know why. You will find out what it takes to make your processes more successful. This knowledge will help you to prepare for the future - may it be consolidation, optimisation or growth.

Why examine your processes with ProAnalyse?

Some companies are successful by chance. But permanent market leaders know why they are successful. They understand what happens inside their company and can tell whether it is important or not. They know their strengths and assets, get into the driver's seat and actively manage them.

Strenghts: What makes a process so irresistible good? Which processes are critical for success? What gives you competitive advantage?
Weaknesses: Why is the performance of a process not delivering to expectations? Which activities can be improved? How can they be improved?
Key Performance Indicators (KPI's): For each process there are a few key numbers that show the level of performance. These figures represent your critical success factors. Make them visible and measure them, in tangible terms. Easy to understand, easy to asses.

Your results - What you get from ProAnalyse

You receive a process based analysis of:

The report will consist of graphical process charts enhanced with precise comments, accurately identifying the areas of concern in your processes (e.g. which tasks, IT... perform well, which don't). The analysis will explain precisely where and why problems occur - a knowledge which is crucial for any further improvement.

Efficiency. The smooth way.

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Analyse company processes: Know critical success factors and key performance indicators. Process analysis comes first in BPM when turning strengths and weaknesses into competitive advantage.