Hoffrichter Consulting puts you in command of your processes.

Well, in fact we are currently not in operations - for enquiries please contact our trusted & experienced partners (Siemens Thailand for SAP/ERP projects, Dimojo for all other projects).

Competitive business requires process integration and monitoring. Use BPM (Business Process Management) to make your business faster, save costs and improve quality.

BPM is your key - to understand, accelerate and manage your processes.

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We help you to master your process challenges. We take the time to listen to you - to understand your business and ideas. We successfully develop and deliver your solution.

Hoffrichter Consulting is based in Thailand. Our team offers more than ten years of experience in optimising processes - from automotive to banking, from top management level to operational level, from strategy to hands-on implementations.

Using our proven tool based method, our partnership with BONAPART and more than ten years of experience - we increase the pace, improve the quality and optimise the performance of your processes.

Efficiency. The smooth way.

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Business process management solutions (from process documentation, ISO certification, process analysis and process optimisation to ERP solutions) for companies in Thailand, South East Asia and Germany.