Past Events

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Become a celebrity and find yourself on the pics from the last event - your sins are documented and nothing passes by unnoticed ...

double dash February 2007 at Crystal Lounge
double dash January 2007 at Livingstones
double dash December 2006 at Amapola
double dash November 2006 at Fogo Vivo
double dash Oktoberfest 2006 The one and only!
double dash September 2006 at AQUA Four Seasons
double dash August 2006 at Indus with DJ
double dash July 2006 at Barbican - our 1-year-anniversary
double dash June 2006 German Football Frenzy
double dash May 2006 at The Circle
double dash April 2006 at La Gritta
double dash February 2006 at the Coyote on Convent
double dash December 2005 at the Livingstones
double dash November 2005 at the Bacchus Wine Bar and Restaurant
double dash Oktoberfest 2005 at the Old German Beerhouse
double dash Oktoberfest 2005 the sponsors



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The German Open (young professionals) is an open networking event for approachable, open minded Germans and other nationals in Bangkok, Thailand.